Saturday, July 24, 2010

"This is what the letter said, the letter that Johnny Walker read..." (good song!)

So, the song quoted in the title is an AWESOME song! It was on an Asleep At The Wheel CD my dad had, and the song itself is a play on words: The Letter That Johnny Walker Read. It's referring to a literal letter that Johnny Walker read and Johnny Walker Red Label Whiskey, simply called Johnny Walker Red. So yeah...

Anyway, I know that was of no interest to anyone but me, so I'll move on now. I'm absolutely certain now that I am an idiot. I always thought I was, but now I know. Now, don't start arguing and pulling out the "Oh, no, Caitlin, you're so smart" crap. I am an idiot. Why do I say this? Well, I have been trying to pull a scorpion (cheerleading move in which you grab your foot and pull it up straight behind your head... it's not exactly easy) for ages now, and I've been doing better. Well, night before last, I decided to try it again... in my 5 inch stilettos. FYI: When one is wearing heels, one's leg muscles are already extended. Attempting to pull a scorpion in said heels will result in a pulled hamstring, which is very painful. So I've been limping around like a fool for the past two days. That just makes me stupid though. What makes me an idiot? I'm wearing the same heels tomorrow, knowing very well that it will hurt. I know this because I tried them on for no more than 10 minutes tonight, and am now in excruciating pain. This rocks. I am an idiot. Also, my legs are on fire. I didn't shave the way I'm supposed to, so now it hurts. This is what I get for trying to be lazy. I should win the award for Idiot Of The Year. Just throwing that out there. If anyone wants to vote for me, you have my full permission.

So, anyhoo, I adore country music. Also, country men. And just the country in general. I just thought everyone should know that. Honestly, though, I think I'm addicted to Dr Pepper and country music. I mean, I will go out of my way for either one. I'll put it this way, in case you didn't catch it in the previous post (I'm pretty sure I put it in there... yeah, I did), I plan on buying an antenna for my car BEFORE buying a new air conditioner, or even putting money back for one. Does that make me crazy, or what?! I'm thinking it does make me at least slightly nuts.

But anyway, I'm cold and I have church early tomorrow morning, so I'm going to at least lay down... Maybe tonight I'll get a decent amount of sleep, though I really doubt that, as I took an hour long nap today... Ah, well, así es la vida, triste y podrida. See y'all tomorrow... Love you all, and God bless!

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