Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Woah bro!

Woah... I totally forgot this even existed! But not only does it exist, there's an app for that! Psychedelic, man! I KNOW there's no way anyone is still here (except me), but hey, that just means I can vent and write and make myself happy! Well, Saturday is my birthday (it's the big 2-1, son!) and that means..... I'm getting tatted up! Yes, the mild-mannered daycare/Sunday School teacher is getting a tattoo. Of course, it's a tattoo of a portion of a Bible verse in the original Greek, but still: TATTOO! And the very next day is Super Bowl Sunday! Legality, tattoos, and football = the makings of a fantastic weekend. I'm excited. However, it's only Tuesday, which means tomorrow is Wednesday, and Wednesday means early mornings and late nights (that are technically just SUPER early mornings). With that being said, good night and God bless. :)