Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Bragging rights... I think I pretty well earned 'em.

Okay, so I tend to think I'm allowed my bragging rights, at least just this once. I made a five, yes a 5, on the AP Spanish test. It's out of 5. So, basically, I made the highest score possible. Which completely astounds me. There have been native Spanish speakers who took the test and said it was hard. So for me, the white girl, to take it and make a 5 is freaking amazing. Señor Nichols was the one who told me, and I literally was fighting back tears. Of course that waned a little when I called my dad, who promptly said "I'm very proud of you. Now maybe you can take that excitement and energy and put it toward retaking your ACT." Which, albeit, I'm not too happy with, but a 29 is pretty good. Apparently it's not good enough though. But whatever. I'll just have to retake it, I guess. That's what my parents want, so I'll do it.

Also, I made a guy's day yesterday... At least, I like to think I did. I went to Joe Bravo (small, but awesome coffee shop across from Knight's) and only had a $20 in cash. I ordered a Caramel Mudd Machiatto, which costs $4.75. So after some small talk with the (very cute) guy working there, he handed me my change, which was $15.25. So I casually left a $5 tip. He figured out what I had done and just got the biggest smile I've ever seen. It totally made my day. I think I should do that more often...

And, today I made a rocking mocha frappuccino. It is awesome! And it was done in a semi-homemade way! Rock on!

But I think I've bragged enough for one post. So, for now, I shall bid you all farewell. God bless.

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