Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Idle hands? Ha!

So, I made a few revisions to my plans for the rest of the week... Tomorrow morning I'm going to Emily's to help with cakes until I have to go to work, then working 'til 6. After work, I'm going back to Em's to carpool with her up to the Pampered Chef party. Friday I'm going to help Bobbie get her classroom (she homeschools her boys) set up and reorganized. Saturday I'll probably help get ready for the volunteer retreat/Sunday morning. Sunday-Wednesday are vacation, praise the Lord. I'm so ready for this. I know it's all I've been talking about, but I am in desperate need of some relaxation. As in, if I don't get some soon, I'm going to go postal on everyone. And that would NOT be a good thing. But I get to chill out this weekend. So I should be okay for a while after this. I don't need a lot of vacations... Just like one every year or two... If that often. Of course, I don't mind having them more often than that... I just won't die if I don't get a good day or two of pure relaxation. I think that's a major problem in the world today. Even when people go on vacation, they spend so much time trying to do all the "cool stuff" that they never really relax. And isn't that the whole point of vacation? I mean, it is defined as "a period of rest or freedom from duty". I consider doing all sorts of touristy activities a "duty", especially since they usually cost a lot of time, energy, and money. I'd much rather hike a mountain and just chill. Something simple like that. I don't need to visit every single cool thing in the area. Just let me go somewhere pretty with no other people around and I'm good to go. That's actually my dream vacation. Taking a tent and a backpack full of supplies to a random mountain where no one else would really go and just enjoying nature. It's really a religious experience for me. To me, it's easier to see God when I'm surrounded by his artwork. Cities are filled with man-made structures, whereas nature is basically God's art gallery. He made us all this gorgeous stuff, yet we tear it down to make room for strip malls and roads. I mean, I know that human beings are need to build cities; it's part of our nature. But I still think that God's creations shouldn't be ignored. That's why I love nature so much. It's just like God made us all this stuff to for us to enjoy, yet we really don't. When was the last time you really looked at the plants? The clouds? The stars? The animals? Anything? I love doing so, because God made some really awesome stuff. Have you ever just watched the woods "wake up"? I love going hunting with my dad because we get into the stand/blind before sunrise, so we get to see the transition from night to dawn, dawn to morning, morning to afternoon, afternoon to evening, evening to dusk, and dusk to night. It's freaking awesome. Even if you're against hunting, I recommend doing this at least once in life. Don't even take a gun. Doesn't matter what time of year. Just go sit somewhere, alone with no electronics (turned on...), and just pay close attention to the world around you. It can truly be a very spiritual experience. That's actually when I feel closest to God. Just a recommendation though.

So, anyway, I don't have too terribly much to say anymore... Other than that I am freezing my tail off!!! I'm so tired of always being cold in my room. It is not fun. At all. I guess that means I should hit the hay... I need to get some sleep if I'm going to wake up early to help Em. Love you guys! Good night, and God bless!

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