Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ahhh... :)

That, my good friends, was a good run. Yeah, it is almost 9. And yes, I did just come in from a run. Albeit, not a very long one, but a good one. And that, added to my mile run on the elliptical this morning, plus all the other exercises makes for a pretty successful day. What made it really great was on the last half of my run I was slowly jogging while blaring Dance The Night Away by Van Halen through my phone. So, of course, I was halfway dancing and singing along, going about my merry little way around this cul-de-sac when, on the way back to the main road, right after hitting a crazy pose and singing even louder, I saw a guy sitting on his porch... waving at me. So, yeah, he saw my whole performance... Did that stop me, or even slow me down? If you think it did, you OBVIOUSLY don't know me. I just giggled and waved back, continuing on my merry little way. Hey, I have no clue who he is, and he has no clue who I am. Plus, it's dark out, so he probably wouldn't recognize me if he ever saw me again. It was fun though. No matter how ridiculous I looked, I got my workout in for the day.

So, anyway, my day wasn't this good the whole time. Morning/early afternoon=good. Late afternoon=icky. Night=good. Why was the late afternoon so bad, you ask? Well, mainly because I backed into a dumpster as I was trying to leave work... Dented up my car pretty badly. It even moved the dumpster a bit, so I had to go back inside to tell my boss that I'm basically an idiot who can't drive... She was concerned for my car/my safety, as was my coworker who heard/saw the whole thing, and wasn't really upset at all. She didn't seem too thrilled about having to call the owner to get him to put the dumpster back into its original place, but she understood that it was a total accident. So now I have pretty blue paint on the back of my nice dark red car... It looks wonderful. However, work wasn't COMPLETELY horrendous. I did spend all day dreaming of what I want my future to be like, though... While cleaning up after little children. I don't think I want kids. My future husband should provide enough mess for me to get my cleaning out on... Between my mess, and anything a man could contribute, I think I'll really have my work cut out for me...

Also, I am going to start a hope chest. I'm very excited about it!! And my Mimi said I could host a Pampered Chef party, using her house! Oh my goodness, that makes me soooo happy!!! I adore Pampered Chef!! You are all invited.... just as soon as I get it planned... Haha, it may be a while... But hey, when it happens, you can all come! I can't wait to be married. I know it's not going to be a fairy tale... There will be fights, and days when I just want to quit and leave, and there will be times when I question whether or not I even made the right decision in getting married. However, I have wanted to be a wife for my entire life. I feel like that is the role I would be most comfortable in. Motherhood would be cool, but being someone's wife is my ultimate goal. I long for that. As much as I like to think that either I can't find someone, or that I don't want to, it's really one of my greatest fears... That's why I'm having to turn it over to God... And I have to learn patience. It's not a virtue I possess just yet. I'm working on it though. I'm also working on loving myself. And most importantly, I'm working on my relationship with God. When I get all of that right, then I think I'll be ready. Of course, it's not really up to me at all. This is God's deal now. Which is good, because if I try to find a guy, I will never be happy. God has to do it, or I'll screw it up. I always do. And the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result. I don't desire to be insane. So I shall leave the guy thing to God. He made all the men in this world, He'll know which one is right for me. Yeah, I just made that last part up, and I think it's pretty deep. That kinda weirds me out how deeply that speaks to me... Maybe I just learned a lesson... Dang, dude, that is trippin' me out... Wow.

Anyway, I'll stop with my weirdo rambling now... Haha. I know I get a little redundant and ramble-y. That's just the way I roll. Luckily, if you read this blog, you already know that. So you're good to go. And I don't think I have any newbies... Doubt if I ever will... But that's okay. Blogging is becoming my personal outlet. It's like a diary... Or a journal. Except that anyone in the world with access to the internet has the potential to read it... That's kinda cool, yet scary. But anyhoo, I'm fairly exhausted, and I still have a shower to take... I'm sorta gross... Love you guys! Good night, and God bless!

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