Monday, June 28, 2010

Thoreau is my hereau. (Yes, I just did that.)

So I have a new addition to my bucket list. I have decided I want to spend at least a year, minimum, in a cabin in the mountains. I love the outdoors and I hate living in "cookie cutter suburbia". To me, it's just another way of conforming to societal norms, which I generally try to avoid. I hate it, so I want to try living out in the middle of nowhere. However, I kind of want to wait until I'm married to try it. And I most certainly do not want children while living out there. That just wouldn't be fair to them, in my opinion. But as long as I can find a man who is just as outdoorsy as I am. Actually, if he's more outdoorsy, that would be awesome. I just know that I'm waiting right now. I'm trying to be patient for God to send me the man He wants for me. But I kind of want it now, so that I can fulfill most of my dreams. I'll be patient though. I kind of have no choice in the matter. I'm pretty psyched about this goal though. Oh, and an explanation of the title may be in order. It is a reference to Thoreau's time spent living in the forest, just like I want to do. I thought it was a rather fitting name. But, alas, now I must partake in my food, in order that I not waste away. Later, y'all. Be good and God bless.

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