Thursday, June 17, 2010

Oh good gravy...

"Oh, good gravy." That has become one of the few things I say now. I have been so stressed and busy that its all I say... its okay though. So, today I was called into work early and given my own classroom. Now, usually they wait like 2 weeks before giving someone new a room to themselves, but a ton of teachers called in sick, so I got to work the "school kids room". This room is up to 20 kids, ages 5 and up, and I'm alone. I was flipping out. Luckily, it all went really well, and Amy (I'm not positive on her title, but I know she's my superior) said I did really well, even better than most others did on their first time. I was pretty proud of that. But before all of that occurred, I was helping out on another classroom, and I hit my head extremely hard when I stood up under a TV. I really think it almost knocked me out. My head still hurts... I'm okay though, promise. So anyway, there's only one more night of VBS, then Saturday is cleanup, Sunday is church, and after church I'm helping Jon make pizza dough for Wednesday night. Basically, I'm becoming a very busy girl. And I may be getting sick from the stress... again. I'll just have to start meditating or something. I don't have time to be sick. Haha, so I'll stop whining now... I have to get ready for bed anyway. I've got some bible quizzing to catch up on.Goodnight y'all, and God bless.

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