Friday, February 26, 2010

Rawr means "I love you" in dinosaur... :)

So, this has been a fairly average past few days. And by average, I mean not spectacular. As in, migraines, head colds, and various other ailments... in one day. Not that this is going to be a whiny post, I'm just filling you all in on why my shoulders are pretty much rubbing my ears. Anybody else ever do that? Get so stressed from life in general that, before you know what's going on, you can barely move your neck and shoulders from all the tension? I think that I need to take up yoga or something. Who knows? Maybe I should knit more... I feel so legit with my knitting right now. I actually have a callous developing on my left hand from the way I hold my needle. It's pretty awesome. Also, I am feeling very proud of myself, because, as an EXTREMELY technologically illiterate person, I managed to set up, hook up, and not break a printer. That is a huge deal for me. I mean, it's a little sad that it's such a big deal, but it is, and I'm pumped.

Okay, so I'm cutting this post rather short, as I would like to be able to wake up tomorrow morning... But I shall be posting again soon. Hopefully more frequently than I have been these past few days.

As for the culture post, I'm going to suggest that you visit this link:

for a blast from the past that always makes my day. :)

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