Friday, March 5, 2010


So, tonight I get to see Aida, the spring production that Cabot is doing. Ordinarily, I wouldn't go to a school play. However, my mom gave me money for a ticket and I have a very close friend who is in the musical, so I shall be watching it tonight. I'm very excited! Also today, I passed the "written" (it's actually computerized now...) part of the driving test. I know, I know, I'm doing this really late in life, but I've always had a HUGE fear of cars, so it's quite a big deal that I'm overcoming that. Also also today (if you don't get it, don't ask, haha), I have been uploading CDs onto my new laptop. I think I have about 20 CDs to upload, most of which I've been having to input the title, artist, and album manually. I've only had one so far with which I haven't had to... Oh well, anything for good music! Anyway, I haven't been posting a lot here lately, and I feel a little bad, but it's because I had a different kind of writing streak going on. I've been working on a book for a looooong time now, and making very little progress, but last night, I sat down and wrote 3 full pages. Which may not seem like much, but for me, that's a really huge improvement. I think I've been doing really well. I've also made a lot of progress in my knitting. Wow, I'm turning into such a strange person. Fortunately, I don't mind a bit. I actually like myself more now than I have in years, probably in my whole life. So, anyway, I don't have too much longer before I have to be ready to go, so I have to cut this post off (again, sorry!).

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