Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Yesterday was just NOT my day. I worked from 6:30 until about 5 (they let me off a little early!!), and while on my lunch break, I was involved in an accident. Luckily it was not my fault and no one was hurt, but it still sucked. I was really shaken up and very, very nervous. I've never wrecked before, so I didn't know what to do. It was okay though. It happened right past the Cabot Police Department, so they were there before I even thought about calling. I never had to talk to the other driver, even to get his information; the police handled everything and made it so much easier. 

Anyway, enough about that... I just registered for Walk MS! I'm on Dusty H.'s team, so that should be super fun! If you want to sign up, or contribute to my fundraising efforts, let me know, and I shall hook you up with the proper links. I'm pretty excited about it!

Okay, so I'm excited about the Jason Aldean concert Friday night... Markus, Megan, Seth, and I are all going (is it sad that I alphabetized their names?). It's going to be so much fun! Then the 28th is Cowboy Mouth at the Rev Room, which is going to ROCK. 

Quick quote from a song: "Love is when you want a kiss and you get bit" --She's A Genius by Jet. Couldn't agree more, due to my current situation. This sucks. I miss my friend. I want to talk to Seth, but I can't. Not after what happened. Not yet, anyway. I still feel like he hates me. I'll see something, or do something, or think of something and I want to text him to tell him, but I can't. For example, when I wrecked yesterday, he was the first person I wanted to text after I called my parents. Instead, I just didn't text anyone until several hours later. I miss having him there to talk to. I miss my best friend. Of course, I also still love him, no matter how he feels about me... which sucks, quite frankly. Oh well... that's just how my life works; I tell myself not to do something, do it anyway, then get my heart broken. I'm kind of getting used to it. At least God answered my prayer... I asked that if anything did happen between Seth and I, that it be due to a change in his heart and not mine, because I would much rather have to handle the heartbreak myself than inflict that sort of pain onto Seth. I'm like an emotional cutter. Ah, well... pain fades eventually... Someday I shall find lasting love. Stephanie told me God is just holding on to my one true love for me... Well, if He let go, that would be fine with me... haha. I know I've still got a while to go, and that's okay. More time for me to work on me, I guess. 

Alright, I think that's enough whining for now. Love you guys. God bless you all!

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