Saturday, June 11, 2011

"Free and easy down the road I go..."

So, basically, I'm procrastinating right now.. I really don't feel like cleaning yet, and since I'm gonna be home alone all day (and probably all night), it doesn't really matter when I clean, right? Anyway... I think I'm going to like this summer... I've made some new friends, have some awesome stuff planned, and I'm talking to this super cute boy. Yup. Me. I am. It's that boy from the bowling alley... I messaged him on Facebook, where he said he lost my number and asked me for it.. So I gave it to him, and we've been talking nonstop since then... It's pretty exciting, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up too high... I've learned from my previous mistakes... I've gotten smarter than that. Still though, it's nice to talk to a guy who isn't psycho... For some reason, I tend to attract unattractive psychos... This guy is the total opposite though... He's definitely someone you would think I would be attracted to, purely because of how different we are about so much stuff... He kinda reminds me of a guy version of Megan, if that makes any sense at all.. Anyway, I'm gonna go clean house a bit, then shower and go pick Meg up from work.. Who knows, I may do something fun tonight! Haha! I love you guys!! God bless!

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