Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Goooood moooorrrrningggg!

Apparently, if one has a migraine and falls asleep at 7, one will wake up at 5, still dressed from the day before wondering why she is even awake. I discovered that this morning. However, the migraine was gone and I now have plenty of time to take a loooong (like 30 whole minutes!) shower and even do some laundry before work! I just have this sensation that today will be a pleasant one (I gotta feelin', ooh, that tonight's gonna be a good night). I don't know why, since Seth isn't too happy with me... But, honestly, if he's gonna act like he has been, then I can't really care. So what that I have a new friend who's a cute guy? That's my choice. Chris (my new friend) is really nice to me. And he's also a VERY talented pianist/singer. Anyway, random thought! I got three temporary tattoos yesterday... One is a glow in the dark really cute teddy bear holding a chainsaw with blood on it (on my side), one is a gold rose (on my wrist), and one is a rose/bird design that says "love forever" (on my hip)... I know, I'm weird... This morning I also got a really strong desire to bake a cake... I'll have to see if my my momma wants me to make Bo's birthday cake. I could have some real fun with a rockstar cake for Bo! I'm just so full of random thoughts this morning... Jeez, if this is what I'm like when I get a full night's sleep, then I need to go back to not sleeping! I'm so hungry... I didn't eat last night, so all I ate yesterday was ONE PLATE at the Chinese buffet with a few bites of ice cream for dinner.. I really think I'm losing weight from being sick and having migraines all the time. Ha! While everyone else diets and works out to get ready for Spring Break, I just "magically" lose weight... It's great! I just wish I weren't single... I know I'm being stupid and selfish, but I just kinda want someone to first of all care when I'm sick, and secondly, maybe even take care of me a bit! But I know that won't happen... At least if I were dating, I would have someone to take care of... Oh well, in due time... I know how it works. Oh! So, yesterday at work, this kid told me I could be a rockstar. I asked him why he said that, since he's notorious for lying (every day he tells me I'm hot/cute/pretty and crap like that). He said "Because you have a pretty voice, Ms. Caitlin." He's like 11, so obviously I don't trust his musical opinion, but it was still funny. Anyway, I love you guys, but I'm gonna start getting ready... Love you all so much! God bless you, and have a really great day!

"My life is not my own, to You I belong, I give myself, I give myself to You. I give myself away, I give myself away so You can use me." --Israel Houghton

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