Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"Slight figure of speech, I cut my chest wide open..." :)

So... I'm going to go see The Avett Brothers in April!! Unfortunately, I'll be going alone. At first, it was going to be Michael, Seth H., Ethan, Megan, Seth J., and me. Then Seth J. got a job that would prevent him from going. Then Meg found out that it wouldn't even start until 9, so she can't go. Then I found out that Seth and Ethan can't go, and I guess Michael can't either... Even if he can, that could be awkward... So, I'm alone, but I get to see them! I love The Avett Brothers. They make me smile! I'm just really super excited! The only downside, other than being alone (which, really, is becoming quite normal for me), is that I'll be up super late, and it's on a Saturday... I'm just going to have to buy some 5 hour energy shots to keep on hand Sunday at church. Haha, that would be great. And I'm old enough to buy them at Wal-Mart. So, at least that would be easy. Anyway, I have work in a little while, so I should probably go get ready. Love you guys! God bless!

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