Monday, February 7, 2011

Dear Abby... thank you.

I've been slightly... upset... today and yesterday about a certain boy who most likely doesn't even want to date me right now.. But I was talking to my friend Abby, and she said he needs me. I was caught a little off guard and asked her why HE needs ME... Her response? "Because you're YOU. You're a beautiful, headstrong, outspoken, and multifaceted woman who breathes fire and ice. Any man would be lucky to even stand in your presence." Oh my gosh. I was not expecting that response. But she is one of those people that won't lie to me, and hasn't known me long enough to be afraid to hurt me, but has known me long enough to know who I am. So I pretty much believe her about most things. That, and most of that was just true. I would never call myself beautiful or say any man would be lucky to be in my presence, but the rest of it I would say about myself... I never thought they were good qualities, but they were qualities I knew I possessed... So now I just sit back and wait... That boy can either decide he wants me enough to pursue me, or he can decide he's not interested. Either way, I know I will be okay.

On a slightly different note, I have decided to watch all the sermons in the GFC/NLC archives... I watched 4 this morning. I also listened to a ton of music (like Desert Song by Hillsong... it rocks my world). I also decided to take up meditating... I need to learn to sit down, shut up, and listen to God. I'm like the little kid running around chanting "Daddy, daddy, daddy!!" at the top of my lungs while God is saying "Caitlin, if you'll just sit down and be quiet, I'll give you the things I have for you." But I'm that frustrating child who just won't be still and quiet. I have to learn to control my "ADD" so that I can receive the things God has for me. I know this, and I accept this as true, and I am now working to better myself in this area. I'm excited about where my life is going to go. I also decided I need to live on purpose. I don't know my calling, and I don't know God's plan for me, but I can still live on purpose. I'm ready and willing. "If You can use anything, Lord, You can use me..."

Anyway, I have to take my car in to the body shop pretty early tomorrow, so I'm going to get ready for bed. I love you all, and I'm praying for you! Goodnight, and God bless.

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